1. What is Ghostwriting? 

Ghostwriters Ink provides a confidential ghostwriting service for clients across the U.S., Canada, and around the world.

We asked several of our top writers, "what is ghostwriting?" in their own words:

"Evolving rough notes into page-turning prose."

"Taking someone's thoughts, ideas, and dreams and developing into an enjoyable and informative manuscript."

"Writing unseen, like a 'ghost', on behalf of another person, to provide quality writing - with complete confidentiality."

"Interviewing a client; grasping their concept; expressing their message; creating a publishable book for them to take their next leap as an author."

That is ghostwriting at Ghostwriters Ink - not all ghostwriters are the same, but at Ghostwriters Ink we work with only the top writers in their field. 
Nowadays ghostwriters are commonly associated with celebrity memoirs and CEO business books. Yet, ghostwriting is the ideal solution for anyone without the time or expertise to formulate and construct a 200 page best-seller. 
Essentially, ghostwriting involves anonymously writing books, screenplays and articles for authors and non-authors. If you would like a published and experienced writer to work on your book's tone and style, or perhaps you have a story to tell but you can't find the right words, or maybe you want to polish your message to engage and impress readers; we can ghostwrite your book.
Whatever you need, we can help at Ghostwriters Ink.

2. How do I find a ghostwriter?

Finding the right ghostwriter is a breeze at Ghostwriters Ink, where you are connected to top writers with skills that match your project. 

Email us with details of your writing needs and receive a fair price quote and a bio/resume from relevant ghostwriters (all vetted and background-checked by Ghostwriters Ink). 

Each of our ghostwriters has 15+ years of writing and editing experience. Their names appear in national and international publications. Their books - ghostwritten and otherwise - can be found on shelves in libraries and stores such as Barnes & Noble, as well as online at Amazon.com. We have a ghostwriter available for your 'best-seller.'

Communicate with our ghostwriters via phone and email, and find the one who 'clicks'. Then work with the ghostwriter directly - you pay them and work one-on-one with a published author who will give your manuscript that professional touch. 

Find and hire ghostwriters at Ghostwriters Ink - no finders fees or commission fees are charged. You work directly with the individual ghostwriter of your choice - all backed by the Ghostwriters Ink Guarantee.

Business books, educational books, entertaining books, memoirs and biographies; Ghostwriters Ink are the ghostwriting specialists! 

3. How can I trust a ghostwriter with my idea for a book/script/article?
At Ghostwriters Ink, your project remains confidential to outside parties and, also, you retain 100% of all copyrights, royalties and credit.
No if's, and's, or but's.

4. What are your ghostwriting rates? 
Typically, our rates are as follows -

      *Ghostwriting a book of 50,000 words: from 
      $12,000 to $28,000 

      *Ghostwriting a 90 - 120 page industry-
      standard, formatted screenplay: from 
      $5,000 to $25,000
      *Ghostwriting an article for a trade magazine 
      or journal: from $1 per word

All prices in U.S. dollars, payable in instalments prior to commencement of each segment of the project.
Contact us for a precise quote based on the specifics of your project. It's simple: Email us about your writing needs, and receive a courteous and prompt reply with a 'hassle-free' price quote (usually within 24 hours): info@ghostwriters-ink.com
Our rates are commission free, which means that we haven't added an inflated "finder's fee" to your total price, or taken a 'bite' out of your ghostwriter's pay-check. 

Ghostwriters Ink consists of a collective of ghostwriters who have worked for many of the leading ghostwriting agencies in the U.S. and Canada - agencies that usually charge their clients a minimum of 25% as a commission on each project. Thus, a $12,000 book becomes a $15,000 book; a $20,000 screenplay becomes a $25,000 screenplay. 

But, at Ghostwriters Ink, we want to keep our ghostwriting fees competitive and fair. So, no commission. You pay the writer directly, and we guarantee that the work will be completed... or your full money back!
5. How long will it take to complete my project? 

Normally, three to six months for a book. 

Our ghostwriters adhere to deadlines and work to your schedule; realizing that the sooner you receive a quality manuscript, the sooner you can achieve your aspirations of authorship!

Because we only work with full-time writers, we have a 100% on-time delivery record. So, we're ready to write, whenever you are. 

Contact us today and we can get started finding the best ghostwriter for your project.

6. Can I see a list of books you have ghostwritten? 
Our ghostwriters preserve the privacy of their client's identities and maintain the confidentiality of past projects. However, for a 'disguised' list, please see our Recent Projects page for a summary of books that our ghostwriters have proudly ghostwritten.

7. Should I write a book proposal or the whole book? 

A book proposal is a great tool for attracting a publisher who might want to sign a deal and pay an 'advance' for you to finish the manuscript.
Improve your chances of best-selling success with a polished book proposal, written by a top book writer. Now more affordable than ever at a special rate of $2,999, exclusively from Ghostwriters-Ink.com
This promotional price includes: two sample chapters, an outline of the remaining chapters, a market analysis of your competition, and a first-class query letter - all ghostwritten for you by a pro, with industry and publishing experience. 
Ghostwriters Ink can deliver a book proposal especially designed to impress publishers and literary agents. 
The two sample chapters will be confidentially and professionally ghostwritten by a published author, based on your ideas, notes and comments. Choose a ghostwriter from our roster of qualified book writers, to produce a book proposal that you can be proud of.  
And, at Ghostwriters Ink, if you should decide to continue with the same ghostwriter for the remainder of your book's chapters, that's easy, too. We will simply deduct the fee paid for your book proposal from our regular book ghostwriting rate, so you only pay the difference - making it even easier to complete your book and deliver it to the right publishing firm.
Email us to find a ghostwriter to write your book proposal. 
8. Can you help publish my book?
We assist all of our ghostwriting clients with the steps that follow the completion of their manuscripts. In fact, Publishing Assistance is included free of charge with every book project.
Depending on your individual needs and interests, we provide advice on self-publishing options and help with drafting query letters for sending your book to publishing houses and literary agents.
Also, each of our ghostwriters have pooled their own industry contacts and resources as part of Ghostwriters Ink's Publishing Assistance.

Contact us today - we can write your book!

Answers to your Questions

1. Have you got an idea for a film?

Our professional screenwriters can turn your idea into an industry-standard formatted screenplay. Collaborate on the entire development and screenwriting process.
As adaptation specialists, Ghostwriters Ink has adapted published novels, concepts, outlines and treatments into feature-length film scripts.

Hire a produced screenwriter with the experience and qualifications to convert your story into a masterful screenplay you can be proud of.

2. What genres do you write?

The top screenwriters at Ghostwriters Ink are skilled in a variety of genres, including: action, comedy, horror, drama, thriller, romantic comedy, biopic, and more.

Feature films, TV pilots, radio scripts, even speech writing! Contact us today to connect with a script writer for your project.

3. What if I've written a first draft - do you edit/review scripts?

We can edit, polish, rewrite, and format your screenplay, as well as provide coverage and suggestions for improving your plot structure, character development, dialogue and marketability.

In the past, our script doctors have collaborated with and assisted fellow screenwriters in L.A., New York, and everywhere inbetween; we have also worked with clients worldwide.

We can help you add the final touches to your film script. Email us for a free quote on getting your project ready for Hollywood.

4. Can you adapt my novel into a film script?

If you are an author who has written a book that would be a great movie, then contact the adaptation specialists.

We have completed film adaptations of novels and short stories for published best-selling writers, in the U.S. and abroad. Ghostwritten confidentially by a ghost writer, or scripted by a credited co-writer; the choice is yours.

Discover what options are available to you - contact Ghostwriters Ink. Work with us as we capture the essence and 'heart' of your story.

Turn your book into an exciting and entertaining screenplay adaptation.

5. Do you have connections in Hollywood and would you help sell my screenplay?

Our screenwriters have pooled their industry contacts to assist our clients.

Moreover, we can craft a quality query letter to send to producers, studios, and agents. Also, we can create log-lines, synopses and treatments that sell your project's highlights.

Email us today to find out more about our Screenwriting Assistance.

6. What are your screenwriting rates?

Typically, our rates are:

   * Film script $5,000 to $25,000
   * Treatment writing $500 to $2,000
   * Synopsis and log-line creation $150 to   
   * Editing and Proof-reading $250 to $500
   * Coverage and consultation $50 per hour

Yet, please ask us for a precise quote based on the specifics of your project.

Contact us today - we can write your script!

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1. Have an idea for a film?
2. What genres do you write?
3. Do you edit/review scripts?
4. Can you adapt my novel into a film?
5. Can you help sell my screenplay?
6. What are your screenwriting rates?


Want to write a book?                                               Film idea? Ghostwriters Ink Screenwriting Services

Whether you have an idea, or you've started writing and you would like professional assistance; here are the answers to your ghostwriting questions.  

Of course, as a professional ghostwriting service, we can write for you - securely and affordably. We have ghostwritten hundreds of published books and screenplays. Let us find a ghost writer from our group to craft your words into a quality manuscript.

Naturally, you might have a few questions that you would like answered first. Such as, how much does it cost? How long will it take? When can we start!?

Below are answers to our top Frequently Asked Questions. Is your question still unanswered? Please email us - info@ghostwriters-ink.com 

               1. What is ghostwriting?
               2. How do I find a ghostwriter?
               3. How can I trust a ghostwriter with my idea?
               4. What are your ghostwriting rates?
               5. How long will it take to complete my project?
               6. Can I see a list of books you've ghostwritten?
               7. Should I write a book proposal or the whole book?
               8. Can you help publish my book?