Quoting a price for a ghostwriting/editing project is more of an art than a science.

There is no perfect equation for calculating the cost of developing and drafting, or editing and polishing an "average-length" book because every project varies with its own unique needs. Perhaps your current draft of a book manuscript requires restructuring and additional ghostwriting to improve the overall flow and readability. Or maybe you've written notes or a rough outline and you need a ghostwriter to flesh-out your materials into page-turning prose. It all depends on what stage you're at when you contact us - whether starting from scratch, all the way up to a final draft proof-read.

Naturally, if you are literally at square one, with an idea or story that's in your head, then we would be pleased to quote you a straightforward "per word" fee that is payable on a simple "pay as you go" basis, prior to preparing and ghostwriting each chapter. This allows you to pay in manageable instalments, receiving pages and chapters every step of the way for your review, creative input and approval before moving to the next chapter.

In fact, our "per word" fees are the best in the business! According to Wikipedia, our competitors are charging 50% higher fees - for instance, compare a competitor's price of $15000 to Ghostwriters Ink's own price quote of $7500 for the same exact job. And what's more, Ghostwriters Ink is not only more affordable, we're also more experienced - with over 10 years of business, hundreds of completed projects including best selling books with tens of millions of copies sold, and produced movie & television projects with A-list talent.

Yet, since we first launched Ghostwriters Ink in 2004, public awareness of 'what is a ghostwriter' has grown, along with the number of competing first-time ghostwriters who want a piece of the pie. Seeing the potential for profit, the quoted prices for ghostwriting have skyrocketed and doubled in comparison to our typical quotes. Nevertheless, at Ghostwriters Ink we have always remained true to the real costs for hiring a professional to create and collaborate with you. No commission fees (which are added on by some firms and agencies), no royalties on the back end, just an upfront honest price that covers only what you need. 

So, while we can't promise that we will beat every price that can be offered by less experienced, non-professional ghostwriters, we do stand by our skilled ghostwriters and the fair pricing that we offer to bring you a superior service, which is based on our knowledge of what works after a decade of dealing one-on-one with leading publishers, producers, authors, screenwriters and our clients. 

As a result, at Ghostwriters Ink, instead of quoting you a cookie-cutter price for an "average" book with an average number of chapters that need to be written, or an average number of typos to be fixed; we aim to keep an open mind about how much work will be needed until we hear from you about the specifics of your unique project. 

Because, ultimately, we care about quality and delivering an above average project, whilst quoting a price that is perfectly matched to what you need, nothing less and nothing more. 

While a set-menu of prices is certainly convenient, particularly when ordering from a fast-food restaurant; we know that you are looking for a service that is special and one of a kind, not just another 'burger' on a conveyor belt. In our business, originality and creativity is the key to success, so we pride ourselves on providing a price quote that takes into account who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. 

That's why we feel it's worth the extra time getting to know the client and their project's requirements. For instance: 

  • Do you need help with creating an exciting, entertaining, engaging fictional story, with a colorful descriptive style, and a captivating cast of characters? 

  • Do you want to share your professional insights, but you simply don't have the time to sit down and write a book, so you need a professional to interview you via telephone and draft the chapters for your manuscript?

  • Do you need a pro editor who is equally comfortable ghostwriting new content when you need to connect the dots between sections, ensuring that you receive a flowing cohesive manuscript?

  • Do you plan on self-publishing your book and you need a final polishing and proofing, to catch and fix any typos, so it's ready for the world to read?

  • Do you need a qualified screenwriter who knows how to plan and write a screenplay that will really impress producers and studios? Or maybe you've already tried your hand at writing a script and now you need it to be professionally formatted/edited/polished/rewritten?

Whatever you need, we can help! Just let us know a few details about what you want for your project, and you will receive a competitive, customized price quote from an experienced ghostwriter / editor.

Because, when it comes to pricing a ghostwriting / editing project, it's not a "one-size-fits-all" approach at Ghostwriters Ink. We offer fair and appropriate pricing - based on what your project actually needs.

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